Party time!

International Credit Union Day

Join us in celebrating International Credit Union Day on October 18. In each of our branches, we will have some nice goodies and healthy snacks too. We will have some WRCU tote bags and other doo-dads as well. There will be a coloring contest for the kids, and the perennial favorite: a guess the money in the pig challenge for everyone. Stop by and say hi!

Every year International Credit Union Day has a different theme. This year’s theme is “Find Your Platinum Lining.” It combines the traditional gift of platinum for 70th anniversaries with a play on the saying “every cloud has a silver lining.”
Credit unions all over the world will be celebrating the history and the success of the “People-not-Profit” philosophy. The movement began in the 1840s as a democratic consumer cooperative by weavers in Rochdale, England. Frustrated by bankers who denied them loans simply because they weren’t wealthy, the weavers and workers decided to pool their incomes and loan money to each other. In time, this cooperation put each member on solid financial ground and encouraged their own businesses to flourish.
Over time, other groups followed the same model, and credit unions were born. Today, over 235 million people are served by credit unions in 109 countries and 6 continents. The only continent without a credit union is Antarctica.
Join us at any of our branches on Oct. 18 to celebrate ICU Day. We will have a table full of snacks and some other things you might like. (hint: WRCU tote bags and more!)