Posted on January 1, 2019

WRCU December 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year

All of us at WRCU hope you have a great holiday, whichever one you may choose to celebrate, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Even if you don’t choose to celebrate a holiday now, why not just take a moment to think of not just those close to you, but all of humanity as we go through life together. Make this a time of unity and compassion, and together we can create a brighter future.

So, What Changed at WRCU This Year?

We are always making improvements and adjusting our processes to make our member service the best it can be, while keeping up with appropriate technology that will benefit all of us who are part of the credit union. This year has been a good year for moving ahead toward our goals.

We have had our website professionally evaluated to assure that it was usable by visually or physically disabled people. There were a few areas that needed work so that a screen reader (A type of software used by visually disabled people) could accurately read out website navigation and page content. We also made some other improvements to better accommodate those with disabilities.

Replacement of some of our computer servers was another project that we undertook this year. The servers were getting older and were soon to be out of warranty. We can’t afford to have our systems down so we decided to be pro-active and do some hardware replacements as well as updates to the software that ran the servers. Due to the improved inter-branch network that we built in 2017 we were able to reduce the number of servers, so that we are more efficient. At the same time, we upgraded our data backup process to be ready for any future issues. The integrity of your data is very important to us.

This next one is not very exciting, but very important. We have contracted with an outside firm to monitor and test our external Internet connections on an ongoing basis to identify vulnerabilities that may exist or arise.

On the loan front, we have added an insurance plan that could be just the thing for your next auto loan. It’s called Gap Insurance, and in case of an accident (not breakdown) it fills the gap between what you owe on a vehicle and what the insurance pays when the vehicle is totaled. This prevents you from being without the vehicle and still be paying on the loan. You can ask to have this added to your loan for a reasonable monthly fee; in some situations, we may require it as a condition of the loan.

Cybersecurity and prevention of identity theft is always something that we are paying attention to at WRCU. To this end, we have subscribed to a secure file transfer service that allows us to exchange sensitive documents over a secured Internet connection. We haven’t been sending these types of documents by email due to security concerns, and we were snail-mailing a lot of the documents or asking people to physically come in to the CU. This service is proving to be a real convenience for members, and it does not expose anyone’s personal information in a way that it could be compromised.

Have you Checked Your Credit Score Lately? …and Your Kid’s Score Too?

Checking your credit score is a good way to monitor if someone else may be trying to steal your identity. Each of the big three credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) are required by law to give you a free credit report annually, all you have to do is ask. One truly free credit report can be found at, many of the others have a catch, but not this one. You can check with each bureau once a year, so if you rotate between the three, you can check every four months to really keeps tabs on your credit records. Look for new accounts opened, old accounts re-opened, or any activity that you don’t recognize.

Why would you check your child’s credit score? If they are under 18 then they shouldn’t have one. If they do have one then there is a problem. Children are often a target of identity theft, because the thief can “fly under the radar” since they think nobody is paying attention.  To get your minor child’s credit report, contact each one of the big three individually and ask for a report, each bureau has a different process.

9-Month Certificate of Deposit Special

As a newsletter, the purpose here is information and not for advertising, but this special is big news! For a limited time WRCU is offering members a 9-month Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate Special. For a deposit in a new CD of between $1000 and $10,000, we are offering an interest rate of 2.15% APY and 2.25% APY for deposits of $10,000 and over. Many other places only give rates this good for “new” money, but we are offering it to our members who may wish to move money from their savings accounts to take advantage of this great rate. Details:

APY = Annual Percentage Yield.  Rate effective as of 12/13/2018. Rate is subject to change without notice. Minimum deposit required. Other Rate and Term offerings are available. Early withdrawal penalties apply.

Holiday Closings:

January 1st New Years Day
January 21st Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 18th President's day

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