Electronic Receipts @ WRCU

Get your receipt by emailA lot of people keep track of their money electronically, and a paper receipt just doesn't fit in with that method. Sometimes you have to scan a receipt in, or reference the receipt (in a shoe box maybe) in your money management program. We can provide an E-Receipt for any transaction, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and loan payments. E-Receipts from WRCU can put an end to the paper inconvenience and clutter.

Once you request E-Receipts, we send you an email with a password-protected file of your receipt. You can then file it electronically, or print it if the need arises. You can still request a paper receipt at the time of your transaction.

To get your receipts by email you must have an email address on file with WRCU, although you don't have to be using Internet Banking at WRCU,& we highly recommend it if you are not. Any teller can sign you up for E-Receipts in about 10 seconds; just ask!