White River Credit Union Savings Accounts

The White River Credit Union is here to serve its members. The money you deposit is in turn lent back to friends and neighbors. You can be proud that your deposits are working to help people within your community.

Your money is safe too! All members' deposits are federally insured up to $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Adminstration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government.  Because of our mission to return all profits to the members, your participation in our cooperative means overall higher dividend rates than are typically available at other institutions.

We also offer the convenience of automatic savings via payroll deduction or direct deposit from your employer. This way funds go directly to your savings or checking account. We are currently receiving funds from many employers in our area, so chances are your employer is already participating. Why not begin the easy way to build up that nest egg and save for the holidays or vacation.

  • Share Savings

    To become a member of the White River Credit Union, you must open and maintain a Primary Share Account, which is your share in White River Credit Union.

  • Minor Share Savings

    Opening a savings account can help a child learn to save throughout their life.

  • Vacation & Holiday Club Accounts

    Vacation Club & Holiday Club accounts allow you to save for up to twelve months so that you have money available when you need it for summer vacations and winter holidays.

  • Checking Accounts

    The technical credit union name for a checking account is a share draft account, they are the same type of account as a checking account and you may see the term share draft used occasionally. The WRCU checking accounts require no minimum balance.