Checking Accounts

The technical credit union name for a checking account is a share draft account, they are the same type of account as a checking account and you may see the term share draft used occasionally. The WRCU checking accounts require no minimum balance.

With a WRCU checking account, you are eligible for a WRCU Debit/ATM Card. You don't have to use checks if you don't want to!

Two services we offer to help you avoid fees and charges on your checking account are:

Through its check printing vendor, the Credit Union offers its members a selection of assorted checks from which to choose. The cost of these checks is automatically deducted from the member’s checking account. Although it is preferred that a member use this selected printer for their check printing needs in order to minimize printing errors, a member may choose to order their checks through a vendor of their own choice.

If you need to re-order checks, please see our ordering instructions.

Senior Checking Accounts

Once the owner of a WRCU Checking Account reaches the age of 60, one account will no longer be charged a monthly service charge or for the printing charges of a box of standard share checks. All other terms apply.

Youth Checking Accounts

A Youth Checking Account is available for the younger members of WRCU. This account is subject to all of the terms of the regular WRCU checking accounts with one exception:

  • Checking accounts owned by a WRCU member age fourteen through eighteen the first box of standard checks will be at no cost to the account owner.

An account established by a minor must be a multiple party account with an owner who has reached the age of majority under state law and who shall be jointly and severally liable to us for any returned item, overdraft, or unpaid charges or amounts on such account. The co-owner does not have to be a member in his own right. The account status will not be changed when the minor reaches the age of majority unless authorized in writing by all account owners.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations, such as Municipal, Educational, or Religious, will be exempt from the monthly $3.00 service charge. All other terms apply.

Small Business Checking Account

If you own a small business, our Small Business Checking Account may be the right choice for you! This account is subject to the terms of the regular WRCU checking accounts with one additional nominal monthly fee. This is a $5.00 monthly Business Account fee. However, this fee is waived if there is a $500.00 minimum aggregate daily balance maintained in the business account. When applicable, this fee is assessed each month and automatically withdrawn from your Small Business Savings Account.

We believe you’ll find this a good deal for your business, compared to what other financial institutions can offer you!