White River Credit Union Debit Cards

Hand holding a debit card


The real-time WRCU CheckCard (ATM/Debit Card) provides convenient, secure access to your share draft account wherever you travel. For every purchase and ATM withdrawal made with the WRCU CheckCard, funds will automatically be deducted from your share draft account in real-time (subject to the WRCU Funds Availability policy). And, every transaction will appear on your account statement, including the date, place and amount. It’s an easy way to track spending. See additional information below or download and print an application.

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Some quick facts about your WRCU debit card


  • $200.00 Cash per day; Friday afternoon thru Monday and 3-day holiday weekends count as 1 day
  • $2,000.00 purchases per day; Friday thru Monday and 3-day holiday weekends count as 1 day
  • Point of Sale Purchases using signature, always free with no charge from us or the merchant
  • Point of Sale Purchases using PIN (Personal Identification Number), 5 free transactions per month; then .50 cents per transaction from us and no charge from the merchant
  • Cash withdrawal from a WRCU owned ATM (located at our Rochester and Randolph offices), always free
  • Cash withdrawal from a Falcon logo ATM machine, 5 free transactions per month; then .50 cents per transaction with no charges from the machine
  • Cash withdrawal from a Co-Op logo ATM, $1.00/transaction and no charge from the machine
  • Cash withdrawal from a foreign ATM machine (one without a Falcon or Co-Op logo), $1.00 per transaction and an additional charge from the machine

Here are some frequently asked questions about the White River Credit Union debit card product, the CU CheckCard.

How can I make a purchase with my CU CheckCard?

When you first receive your card, it must be activated using your PIN at an ATM

Any merchant that accepts MasterCard® will also accept your WRCU Debit Card. You will always get a receipt and every transaction is detailed on your monthly account statement.

How can I get cash with my CU CheckCard?
Simply use the nearest ATM. Keep in mind, however, that every time you use a Falcon ATM, you avoid paying the surcharge usually charged by “foreign” banks and other financial institutions. To find out about Falcon machines in the area, please contact us or visit www.falconatm.net. Please note, Northfield Savings Bank is in the Falcon network.  

At select locations, including most grocery stores, gas stations and even the local post office, you can obtain cash back following your purchase. You must use your PIN number and run the transaction as debit. A merchant may add conditions to the cash back, but not a fee.

Is there anything else I should know about my CU CheckCard?
Just one more thing… to keep the fees from this program at a minimum, we ask that you select the “Credit” option and sign for your transaction unless you wish to receive cash back. Although choosing the “Debit/ATM” option and entering your PIN may seem just as convenient, the credit union incurs less expense when you sign for your transactions. Please note: Gas stations are the exception to signature-based transactions. If you hit “Credit” for your Debit Card transaction at the pump, it will be treated as a signature-based transaction. You’ll not actually need to sign for transactions at gas station pumps.

A few other facts about our CU CheckCard:

  • The CU CheckCard is a Real Time product. This means that every transaction is immediately* reflected in your available account balance. This includes deposits made at the credit union as well as your purchases and cash withdrawals. because of this make sure that you know the balance in your checking account, you can check this online with WRCU Internet Banking.
  • Please note our fee structure for the CU CheckCard on the first page of the Electronic Funds Transfers Disclosures.

We think you will enjoy the convenience, ease of use and safety of your new CU CheckCard! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us at your closest branch and speak with one of our Member Service Representatives.

Full details on funds availability are outlined in our Funds Availability Schedule.