Direct Deposit & Automatic Payroll Deposits

Your payroll, pension, social security or other Golden dollar signincome can be automatically deposited into your Credit Union account. We can disburse the proceeds to any of your credit union accounts as you direct us to.  You can mange your money through online banking or withdraw your money at our ATMs or through our co-op network of ATMs. And, it is an simple way to save for the holidays, taxes, vacation or other special events. Ask your payroll department whether they’re able to direct deposit your paycheck.

If you would like to sign up for automatic deposit of your social security, visit the treasury's website "Go Direct" or call (800) 333-1795.

They will ask for your name and social security number and the following financial institution information:

White River Credit Union
PO Box 419
Rochester, VT 05767
Routing # 211691279
Your WRCU Account # and whether it is a Savings or Checking Account.