Real Estate Rates

Rates effective as of May 6, 2016

1st Mortgage Loan Rates

The White River Credit Union does not offer first mortgages on homes at this time. However, if you are looking to re-finance your home, or borrow against the value of your home, one of our Home Equity Loans might be all you need. Contact us, and we may be able to help you with some creative financing that will suit your needs.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

Rates effective as of May 9, 2016

*LTV = Loan to Value

Rate DescriptionTermAPR
50% LTV*5 YearsAs low as 2.39%
50% LTV*10 YearsAs low as 3.50%
50% LTV*15 YearsAs low as 4.25%
80% LTV*5 YearsAs low as 2.99%
80% LTV*10 YearsAs low as 4.00%
80% LTV*15 YearsAs low as 4.75%
90% LTV*5 YearsAs low as 3.99%
90% LTV*10 YearsAs low as 5.00%
90% LTV*15 YearsAs low as 5.75%

Home Equity Line of Credit - Variable Rate

Rate DescriptionTermAPR
90% LTV*

 5 yr draw, then 15 yr payback period.

15 Years4.50%

APR = Annual Percentage Rate