Requirements for Opening a New Share Savings Account

Requirements for Opening a New Share Savings Account

Individual Account:

  1. Complete new Member Account Card
    1. Complete name to include middle initial in the Member/Owner field
    2. Mailing address & Physical address if different than mailing (physical address can be listed in the Membership Eligibility field) Address Requirements
  2. For Individuals – Must obtain their residential street address.
  3. For Individuals without a residential or business street address – May accept an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) box number and residential or business street address of the next of kin or of another contact individual.
    1. Home, Work, and/or Cell phone numbers
    2. Social Security Number
    3. Driver’s License Number
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Email address (will need this to set up online banking)
    6. Password--this is your mother’s maiden name. (Used as security question not as a password for anything.)
    7. Employment--need place and type of job you hold. Retired or unemployed would not be acceptable, please list what line of work you are retired from or last held. If child, list student or minor if not in school yet.
  4. To include a beneficiary on account, please mark Payable on Death (POD)--We do not require beneficiary’s signature or ID at this time.
    1. If no account is specified then the beneficiary would only apply to the account being open at this time.
    2. Complete Beneficiary/POD Payee Name and Address
    3. Date of Birth, if known
    4. Social Security Number, if known
    5. Phone number, if known
  5. Member signature and date on the front of card

Individuals of the United States opening a new membership account in person –
Unexpired, government-issued identification card bearing a photograph (i.e. operator/driver’s license, non-driver identification card, or passport). If none of these forms of identification is available, verification may be made with two (2) of the following forms of identification (cannot be two of the same type of ID):

  • Operator’s/Driver’s license without photograph;
  • Original Social Security card;
  • Other ID with a photograph (i.e. BJ’s, School ID, Military ID, Work ID)
  • Car Registration;
  • Hunter Safety Card;
  • Hunting or Fishing license;
  • Health Insurance Card;
  • Current utility bill, showing individual’s current physical address; or
  • Current pay stub, showing individual’s current address.

If the address written on the membership card does not agree with the identification provided, the member must provide another document verifying their address (i.e. utility bill or pay stub).

Individuals opening a new membership who are under 18 years of age –

  • Original Social Security Card
  • Student ID, if possible (along with Social Security Card)
  • Driver’s permit or Driver’s license if old enough. If address on ID does not match the current address given on account card, then must provide another document verifying current address.

Joint Account:

  1. Complete owner/member section above.
  2. On Account Ownership, check appropriate box:
    1. Joint Account with Rights of Survivorship- Joint owner would still have rights to the account in the event of the member/owner’s death.
    2. Joint Account without Rights of Survivorship- Joint owner’s rights to the account ends with the member’s death. (i.e. caregiver) The account would then go to the beneficiary or estate.
  3. Complete the Joint Owner section of the card with the same requirements as the primary member/owner to include mother’s maiden name as the password and write occupation or former occupation next to the work phone.
  4. Must provide a valid ID (see above for list).
  5. Joint owner signature and date on front of card next to member.
  6. To add a joint owner after the account is opened would require more documentation.