Eliminate Your Monthly Service Fee by Using E-Statements

You must be using Mobicint Internet Banking from WRCU to set up electronic statements. Once set up for e-statements, you will get a monthly email notification that your statement is ready for viewing in a secure area on our Internet banking site. You will be able to see back statements as well as the current ones.

If you are using a mobile device, please go to our browser-based site, whitercu.com or use a computer to log in to Internet banking to set up e-statements.

Here's how to set up e-statements:

  • Log into the WRCU Internet banking site and click the three line ≡ "hamburger" menu, then go to settings edit email. If you don't have an email, you will have to enter a valid email address using the blue "add email" button. Click edit on the email address you want your monthly statement email to go to, and check the box next to "Statements". You can also set up e-alerts at this time, they can be configured to show whenever there is activity on your account. Click on "submit" when done, make sure to read and agree to the disclaimer that pops up.

e-statements screenshot

  • If you would rather receive texts, see the mobile email examples on the email settings page for the correct address to use.
  • You can no longer receive a paper statement as well as an e-statement

If you do not have  a valid e-mail set up in Mobicint

  1.  Select the blue “Add Email” button to add an e-mail address.
  2.  A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your e-mail address. Follow the instructions in this pop-up, including clicking the “submit” button to finalize your entry.

Be sure to update your email address any time it changes.

Congratulations and thank you! You have now successfully shut off the delivery of a paper copy of your statement via regular mail.

Note: In the event our e-mail to you to notify you of your statement availability is returned to us as undelivered, we will try to contact you to obtain a valid e-mail address.