Who's calling you?

Who's There?!

Your caller ID may say one thing, but something is just not right. Sound familiar? Caller ID can be easily spoofed, and it may not be who you think it is that is calling!

We have heard from some members that they are getting calls about their accounts, and the caller ID says that the calls are coming from WRCU. The members know that something is up, because they know that WRCU does not ever call and ask you for account or other personal information. We just don't do it. Never. If you get such a call and something seems suspicious, hang up and call us at the credit union to let us know it happened.

How can this happen? Well, since the advent of voice over IP calling (VOIP), which is calling over the Internet, it has gotten quite easy to fake your call origin number. There are apps and even websites that allow you to do this easily. There are legitimate reasons to hide or change your number, such as in an investigation, or someone who needs to protect their identity. More often it is something that has been used to scam people. People see a familiar number or business name calling them, and think that's who's calling. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, it can be just about anybody calling. Often, there will be something that you might find unusual about the call, if this is the case, go with your feeling. If the person asks for any sort of personal information, credit card number, social security or drivers license number, there is definitely something wrong. If you are not sure, then the best tactic is to hang up and call the number of the person or business yourself, (Not the number on your caller ID, look up the real number to be sure.)