WRCU Moves Credit Cards to Transfund

Exciting news!

White River Credit Union is pleased to announce an exciting change! We have partnered with Transfund - a top 10 national EFT/ATM network and debit card processor for more than 45 years - to handle our credit card processing. In the next few weeks, you will receive a new Visa Credit Card in the mail. This card will replace your existing White River Credit Union Visa Credit Card. There are many new benefits to these cards, including:

Tap and go with contactless payments. Your new card will feature the safety and security of contactless payments. From morning coffees to weekly groceries and gas, simply tap to pay at the register anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol.

Added cardholder benefits. Your card also features added protections for car rental and roadside assistance. Details will be provided with your new card.

Cardholder website and member service. To access your account, retrieve electronic statements and make payments, visit the EZ Card website at https://www.ezcardinfo.com. We will also be adding a single-sign-on link from our online banking platform so that you have the convenience of logging in to our site and being securely transferred to EZ Card for easy credit card maintenance. For customer service, call the Credit Union, or after hours call cardholder service at 866.207.9085.

A few things about the new card:

Activating your new card. Begin using your new card on May 16, 2021. Please destroy your old card, as it will be deactivated. You will be required to activate your new card before you can use it for purchases. Instructions for activating your new card will be included with the card itself - these will go out in early May.

IMPORTANT: If you have used your existing White River Credit Card to pay for services that are directly billed to your card, such as Internet services, gym memberships, insurance, etc., be sure to contact those vendors with your new card number and expiration date so your services are not interrupted.

If you have questions about your new card, please call White River CU at 800.891.3332. We appreciate your membership!