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The White River Credit Union is a full service, member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution. Our members comprise a radius around the Bethel, Randolph, and Rochester, Vermont area. The White River Credit Union was formed in 1947 when five citizens in Rochester, Vermont wanted to create a small, friendly lending co-op to service the valley community. Their goal was to make their loans viable and affordable for the area residents.

Once you have joined the credit union by opening your share savings account with the $5 minimum deposit, you can enjoy all of our membership benefits wherever you live or work, now or in the future by maintaining that minimum deposit. Your membership in the credit union also opens membership to your family members by blood, marriage or adoption. Because you are a member, they can also join. One of the primary functions of the credit union is to protect, preserve and safeguard the assets of our member-owners. In addition to the day-to-day efforts of our professional management team, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Federal Government, insures your money up to $250,000.00.

A credit union is a cooperatively owned financial institution that when you open an account, you become a member and a part owner.

Membership is open to all persons who reside or are employed in Rochester, Vermont or Bethel, Vermont or in the town's respective trading areas; and residents of the watershed of the Middle Branch of the White River, being the area within a radius of (twenty) 20 miles of East Randolph Village; together with members of their immediate families; and organizations composed primarily of residents of said area.

Central Vermont residents can become a member of the White River Credit Union and become eligible for our low real estate loan and vehicle loan rates.

We have designed the Switch Kit to make your transition from another financial institution to WRCU as easy as possible for you.

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